Being able to edit what tags appear in chat

Currently I have noticed a lot of stupid things get tagged out when just talking in games, it is too hard if you want to make a game for older players, but then the chat tags out random things, there should be an option to edit and remove any unnecessary tags while still keeping the ones that block out swearing and cussing. This would not only be a great help to me, but to any other developers who don’t want a quarter of what you can say tagged out.

Also maybe allow the developer to add custom tags as some cuss words aren’t tagged.
Sometimes roblox doesn’t tag actual swearing or swear bypasses out. I am sure something like this would help a lot of developers, especially in the case of cafes where their name gets tagged out.


When a text gets filtered by the text filter, you’re not supposed to unfilter it, as that can be considered improper handling of text filtering as outlined in the developer hub regarding it.

We can already do this

But imagine this, words like and plus other stupid things are getting filtered, maybe Roblox could add a list of specific tags you can enable and disable.

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I can see this as a major abuse. Improper text filtering can lead to your game getting placed under review. Adding a method to unfilter words would be worse.

No. You should instead use the megathread in #platform-feedback:moderation-review-requests :

Roblox would not like you touching the filter. If you think something was incorrectly filtered use that megathread. You are a Regular so you can see that topic.

Also if you would like for this to appear in-game and not studio (Roblox doesn’t even apply filtering in studio anyway), this should be moved to #platform-feedback:engine-features.

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I am not asking for help making a script that does this, what I am asking is that Roblox gives us more choice in what tags we want to enable and disable.

I wasn’t helping you make a script. Please read my reply again.

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I wasn’t intending to mess with the filter list, I just want Roblox to allow us to disable some tags for our game that could be considered unnecessary as different games are targeted at different audiences so being able to have a set list of them we can enable and disable would be helpful.

I didn’t say you were. Please consider the other developers out there that may abuse this. It will cause more bad than good.

Additionally, I am confident that Roblox filters these words for a good reason. When used in certain contexts, it would look offensive/inappropriate to other people. Better to simply block the whole term altogether.

Roblox is a platform meant for people of all ages, so Roblox can’t allow this. Even if your game is 13+ or even 18+ you still need a filter.

Even if the filter blocks innocent phrases that is fine. That is what the megathread I linked is for.

It’s not truly for all ages unless it incorporates accommodations to both older and younger users. Yes it is marketed to be for all ages, but in reality it’s clearly focused on the younger audiences and older users have no way to disable the precautions that were taken for younger users. I originally thought, when I was opening this, that the poster just wanted the ability to change it from #'s to *'s or something but personally I think that the chat filter should be a user setting that scales as broad as you’d like all the way to completely being disabled. This is because most parents will configure their kid’s roblox account and lock it down with parental restrictions. Something like this is better than roblox deciding to parent other people’s kids by censoring content that their parents might be perfectly fine with (and usually misinterpreting the meaning of what’s being said).

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