Belmond Resort & Spa - Discord Rules

Hello, and welcome to Belmond Resort & Spa’s Discord Rules! They are split into two sections:

Server Rules for EVERYONE

Every person in the Belmond server must follow these rules:
Rule 1: Respect
We ask everyone to be respectful towards one another. No bullying, threatening behavior, blackmailing or any other form of disrespect will be shown on this server.

Rule 2: Maturity
We ask everyone to behave maturely on this server, but also ask for people NOT to post explicit or sexual content. All messages should be appropriate for all ages.

Rule 3: Harmful Text
Do not caps abuse, spam, or use any other form of harmful text. Do not advertise, doing so will result in a ban. Do not talk in channels you are not supposed to, and do not ping large amounts of people / moderators and administrators without the need to do so.

Rule 4: Drama
Causing or being involved in any type of drama will result in an immediate ban. There are no exceptions.

Rule 5: Common Sense
Please use common sense while posting content or speaking within our server. If you do something that is technically not against the rules, but still clearly crosses over the line of “not morally correct,” you will still be punished by our server moderators.

Rules for Moderators


In the other section of the guide are our server rules. If you see a member violate one of these rules, refer to this guide. Here is how you deal with when someone breaks a rule.

If someone does one of these, you should ban them from the server.
• NSFW Content
• Cyber-Bullying
• Exposing Private Information
• Inappropriate Topics/Content
• Advertising/DM Advertising
• Drama
• Being Racist/Sexist
• Homophobic Remarks
• Extensive spamming that is repeated numerous times without ending, even after a verbal warning.

If someone does one of these, warn them:
• Disrespect
• Innapropriate Actions in VC (Cursing, Screaming, etc)
• Cursing
• Crap-Posting
• Arguing with Staff/Admins & Mods
• Harmful Text
• A small level of spamming that is not persistent after verbal warning.

If someone has three warnings, kick them from the server. If someone has been kicked twice, ban them from the server.


To kick someone, say “!kick [USER] [REASON]”, to warn someone, say “!warn [USER] [REASON}”, to ban someone, say “!ban [USER [REASON].”

Part 3: Rules for the staff

If you have the administrative assistant role, or the server administrator role, you MUST moderate the server to the best of your ability.

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