Belmond Resort & Spa - Terms of Service

Belmond Resort & Spa - Terms of Service
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Hello, and welcome to Belmond Resort’s terms of service! Located within this document is a list of guidelines and rules set for all persons within Belmond Resort games, servers, or communication areas. All persons who enter the specific spaces stated above are subject to these terms of service whether or not they have had the chance to review them. If someone chooses to ignore the set guidelines, they are subject to full punishment by others with the capability to do so. The person under the username “jvstaldjni” in the ROBLOX platform is exempt from all rules stated below, but is still entitled to abide by all rules given to him by ROBLOX or Discord corporations.

Section 1 - Acceptable Messages

Belmond Resort is maintained as a fun, stress-relieving environment, but must also be concerned with the safety of our guests. Because of this, visitors and staff alike must stay within ROBLOX guidelines while within Belmond-owned platforms. This includes no content that may not be seen as appropriate for all ages. Additionally, Belmond requires that all users do not send the following messages:

  • Disrespectful or rude messages
  • Homophobic, racist, sexist, ageist, or anti-religious messages
  • Messages that may be viewed as “troll” messages
  • Messages in which over 70% of the letters are capital

We also ask all users to not send repeated messages, also known as spam. Spam includes the same message or few words within a message used more than once over a short period of time (10 seconds).

Section 2 - Avatar Restrictions

Belmond Resort does not allow the use of “troll” outfits, or outfits deemed not appropriate for all ages. We also ask all members in the group with the “RoleSet” rank of “Trainee” and above to wear appropriate professional clothing within Belmond-owned games.

Section 3 - Username Restrictions

Belmond resort does not allow usernames that do one/all of the following: [A] Violate ROBLOX terms of service [B] Are offensive to a specific person / group of people [C] Are deemed by a member with a higher RoleSet to be a “troll” username. Belmond Resort also does not allow people who “impersonate,” or create usernames based off of others to attract attention or to scam.

Section 4 - Advertising

Belmond resort does not tolerate people that advertise their services, groups, games, or anything related to this. No person is allowed to sponsor or advertise the above within Belmond Resort services and programs. Only the owner, under the name of “jvstaldjni” may announce endorsements, sponsorships, or advertisements in games and services.

Section 5 - Exploiting and Glitching

Attempting to take advantage of any glitches, or use digital viruses commonly known as “exploits” is not allowed in Belmond services, and will result in a permanent ban from all services.

Section 6 - Interaction

Interaction between players may not only be through messages, but actions as well. All users within a Belmond-owned game may not interact in the following ways:

  • Hateful, rude, or disrespectful interaction.
  • Interaction that includes blackmailing.
  • Interaction that may cause unnecessary drama.
  • Interaction that includes bullying.

We implore you to direct any questions you may have towards a corporate or executive level staff team member.

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