Belmond Resort & Spa - Updates 11/11/19

Hello Belmond,

In this post I will be speaking to you about new rules, information, and events that have either just happened or will be happening in the future. These are split into topics for your convenience:

TOPIC ONE: New AUTOMATED Training Center
I know people love the current training center, however, I just devised a unique system in which staff members can train people without being in game! This means that instead of training taking away over a half hour of a staff member’s time that they could be spending at the resort, they can now train people remotely, from discord. Training a person will never be easier on roblox, it could take around two minutes to pass or fail a trainee!

This update to trainings will not only make the job of all higher ranks so much easier, but also not force trainees to wait long periods at a time for a higher rank. Any time of day, you can train!

We expect to roll out this update within the next 3 weeks, before v3 releases.

TOPIC TWO: BETA testing applications
We just opened up our first batch of BETA testing for v3, but we will be looking for more opinions soon. Being a BETA tester will give you early access to ROBLOX’s most revolutionary resort. We are not just different because of smaller things like building style, but we are COMPLETELY BRANCHING OUT to make us more reliable, and hopefully, the best hotel/resort game out there. Be a part of the team before we grow bigger, and the more you suggest, the better of a chance you have at being added to the credits of an amazing roblox game.

Keep an eye out in the future for these applications, we expect to be opening up BETA testing applications against VERY soon.

TOPIC THREE: Minor Corporate Changes.
A minor change has been added to the staff handbook:

All promotions to corporate ranks, or promotions from one corporate rank to another, must be confirmed by jvstaldjni, the chairman. If one ignores this rule, they should be fired.

This means that all corporate level staff members must be confirmed before being ranked. This is crucial so that the owner knows what changes to make to the group to accommodate corporate rank changes.

TOPIC FOUR: Reminder on the president applications

President applications are still open, here is some info about them:

The president position just opened. Everyone is open to apply!
What is the president position?
The president position manages all staff, and can make rule changes on their own. The president has all permissions to control staff or the discord server in any way, and will work directly with the owner to make good changes to the staff team. They must be VERY VERY active but also very good at being a leader.

What is required to be a president?

  • Extreme activity
  • Leadership skills
  • Experience
  • Intellegence
  • Long attention span
  • You must be assertive, not aggressive or passive

How can I apply?
Just DM:
on discord…
and you will follow up from there!

Any amount of applicants are allowed to apply, don’t forget to do so! This is an amazing chance for you to be a large part of a growing group.

TOPIC FIVE: Version three development
I’ve decided I will be releasing a small photo about a little bit of what we are up to in V3 everyday… so… here it is!

That is all for today, I thank you all for continuing to be supporting members of Belmond. Further information of the revamp of v2 is going to be provided soon.

ROBLOX: jvstaldjni
Belmond Resort & Spa

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