Belmond Resort & Spa - Version 3 Release Plan

Hello Belmond,

I recently announced plans regarding the creation of V3. Although the group has been inactive for the past while, I have come up with an innovative game that includes new ideas that have never been thought of on ROBLOX - not by other games, and ESPECIALLY not by other hotels.

The release of V2 was a mess that, if it went as planned, could have been perfect. It kind of missed the mark on a few key aspects. I’ve learned from this and am putting into place a VERY detailed plan to the release of version 3.

I cannot share this full plan, but here’s the key aspects;

  • We will be releasing version 3 on January 26th, 2019. Included in this release will be the resort, training and application centers (which will all be located in a SINGLE game)

  • During this release, we will be re-positioning the group to have a COMPLETELY NEW rank system, not in terms of the names of certain ranks but the jobs of each rank, and the system as to which you rank will change completely. We will NOT be relying on group admin to rank in the future.

  • New guides will be posted, you’ll be surprised at how different these guides are.

  • All GFX (pictures) for the games will be changed.

  • We will have the funds to run over 30,000 robux in ads. We expect huge income returns, and a HUGE STREAM of new players.

  • More info regarding a grand opening event will be posted soon.

So, to RECAP: We are basically changing everything to be more efficient, modern, and put ourselves ahead of all other groups.