Bend in road with lines

So, my struggle is trying to make the lines of this road bend smoothly, like real roads have. I have used Archimedes to attempt to do this, but it isn’t that good in the end.

One thing i know i can fix here though is the uneven ‘elbow’ of the road here as i lazily tossed it together with a negative cylinder union.

Thank you for reading this.

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You have straight sections leading to your corner lines.
Make the center of every single curve part the same.
(I thought you might have been making a road placement system so I outlined the red box as a road ‘plate’.)
if the corner starts at the purple lines make all your circle centers line up with that so all the blue radius’ will be line up. Instead of using Archimedes just Union all the corner sections, it’ll make it so much easier.
It looks like you did the inside of the black curve centered at the red corner.
Screenshot 2024-07-06 195812

I know It is late but you can use Gapfill plugin

You should reply to the original poster.

Gapfill won’t make the curve smooth if you start out with something that isn’t right though. They are trying to make a smooth bend.

Thank you for your help, I am not making a road placement system yet, that would be cool though, but I spent a few days offline, so that caused the 3 day delay.

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