Bending parts without Blender?

Anyone’s got any clue how to even do this? What it seems to me is probably a mesh part, perhaps a specific type of plugin together with the use of deformation? This could really save me a lot of time off rendering without the use of Blender when I can just achieve Blender quality in Studio instead.


This does not beloing in development discussion. please move this to #help-and-feedback:building-support

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A five second YouTube search will net you the answer to that.


Thing is there doesn’t appears to be a bone that’s being controlled as what I’ve shown in the GIF, but I’ll try to do some digging

I think there is, they might just have constraint details turned off or something. Where did you find that gif?

A friend of mine sent it to me, said that if it could ease off the time I spend in blender by just doing so, not sure where exactly the source is from though

What you showed is either something that isn’t available to the public or just bones that are hidden.

I think skinned meshes are more for creating fluidity in your animations, not as a replacement for Blender. You still need to use Blender to make them.

That’s mesh deformation, something Roblox recently added.