Berkeley County Update Changelog

Berkeley County Revamp Update pt. 2 - Full Change-log


  • Every firearm now supports first-person, featuring smooth and satisfying animations!
  • Firing mechanics were completely redone to allow for more accuracy and speed.
  • Added Less-Lethal R870 for Tactical Equipment pass owners.
  • The M9 and Winchester Model 70 have been held back but will be making a quick return as we solve some issues.


  • New MDT! You can open it by pressing the new icon by the mini-map.
  • Check player’s records, current vehicle, wanted status, and more by typing their name or license plate into the search bar.
  • View the location of 911 calls & other unit’s vehicles using the map located in the MDT.
  • If dispatch is not on, any unit can request specific backup every 5 minutes by picking the necessary service from the list of choices.
  • If dispatch is online, they will receive 911 calls 30 seconds before any units do. They are the only ones able to request units to respond to calls using the MDT.
  • Added 2012 Ford Expedition tactical liveries. Varies by department. We will be adding a tactical livery for a public vehicle in the future.
  • New uniforms and accessories can be found in LEO lockers. This includes jackets, Class A attire, body cameras, and more!


  • Check out the brand-new Rears dealership!
  • Visit the Berkeley Heights gated community by the farms!
  • Take in the view at the large lake behind Zilli’s!
  • Added interiors for Willmart (ex. Smallmart), Dipotle, Mustang Wild Wings, and farm barn.
  • Spaced out several buildings and parking lots with grass and trees
  • Police departments now have gated-off parking lots for employees. The gate opens automatically for authorized teams.
  • □□ □□□ □□□□□□□□ □□□.


  • Re-designed traffic lights.
  • Added red light cameras! You will be cited for running a red light when not responding with lights and sirens.
  • Traffic lights located outside of fire departments will automatically turn green for firefighters exiting the apparatus bay. This has a cooldown.


  • Added :startfire and :stopfires. Maximum of 3 fires at once.
  • Added :freeze and :unfreeze.


  • The majority of lag issues should be eliminated!
  • Major optimizations to significantly speed up back-end processes.
  • You can now see how much wanted or combat time that you have left by looking at the pinned notification.
  • Notifications were moved to the top right of the screen.
  • Vehicles have reduced and condensed UIs to stay out of the user’s view. Spotlight and radar controls are now found by pressing the “Utilities” button.
  • The radar system was redone to be more realistic.
  • The team changer was remade to display the current count of people on each team as well as that team’s maximum capacity. This automatically fluctuates based on how many people are in the server.
  • Callsigns are now 4 digits in length and are chosen within the team switcher. This allows you to keep your callsign or pick a new one when switching teams.
  • Improved game lighting settings.