Best alternative to drag and drop objects with your finger on a mobile?

In my game, the player can drag and drop objects in the 3D environment.
This works fine with a mouse, but when I’m going to drag an object on a mobile, I have to use my finger. And the finger stays on the object, hiding this object completely in many cases (when the object is small).
In this way, the finger prevents you from seeing where the object will be dropped.
How could I solve this case?

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Maybe you can make a UI above telling the player what the object is when dragged.

I didn’t quite understand your suggestion. Telling the player which object he is dragging does not solve the problem, as the player cannot see the object nor can he see exactly where this object will be dropped, as the finger is on the screen…

Searching a little further, I found the solution used by Bloxburg:
When on mobile, it shows an alternative Gui NEXT to the object that will be moved:

This way the finger will be on the Gui and will not cover the object.

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