Best App/Website to make advanced UI?

What are some good app choices for graphic design that will keep its composure after importing it into Roblox?

I tend to use Paint but it results in visible low quality-ish lining. is free and I use it, however if I can I recommend Photoshop, it’s way better than photopea but for money

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forgive its name but… I’ve been using Gimp for simpler elements and photo manipulation. It’s a bit clunky in that it’s a lot of tools emulating some of what Photoshop can do, but without an elegant or user-friendly way to use them. Kind of like the skill curve involved in learning Blenders’ infinite keybinds :eyes:

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Figma is a great option for prototyping UI, as it’s what it was designed for. I use it to propose a design to clients and then use its “export as image” feature to put the UI together in Roblox Studio. You can also work with multiple people on a Figma project.

See Figma’s pricing. There is a starter tier for free, and Figma Professional is free for students.1

1 People you invite to a team must also be a student