Best building plugins?

i wanna build better and i need some plugins if anyone can help me


I use these plugins:


But you should also check this youtube video:

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nice i actually watch robuilder and its good ngl

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Here are my favorite picks for my plugins bar:

stravant's GeomTools Suite - Roblox
Stravant’s plugins (I personally suggest this fan port as it compacts them down).

Local File Importer Plugin - Roblox
Local File Importer to test decals, textures and whatnot during your studio session.

Pick Pro - quick instance selection - Roblox
Pick Pro is focused for UI developers, but it really expands your power of selection through a text-based syntax (Costs 250 R$) Roblox has added a syntax-based explorer filter, though this still has some advantages I advise to only buy it if 250 seems like spare change to you.

Reclass - free, intelligent class conversion - Roblox
Reclass, as the name implies, changes the class of instances as seamlessly as able, useful for converting meshes into wedges, or decals into textures, whatever you could think of really.

PartPicker - Roblox
Part Picker, although only being able to select Parts, Meshes and similars, it does an exclusive search based on matching instance properties, this IS better than the explorer filter, it’s intuitive and doesn’t need typing!

Shipool's Advanced Part Counter - Roblox
You may already have a place part counter, but this one beats the others by tracking many relevant instances that you may be interested in!

Mesh Optimization Tools - Roblox
Mesh optimization helps you severely improve performance without changing the user experience at all! The Decomp tool is especially useful for viewing the collisions and what can be optimized

Avallachi's Asset Preview - Roblox
Asset previewer!! Very cool to get a nice undistracted view of whatever you have selected, it’s a tool other 3D softwares have by default and we don’t.

Part Distributor - Roblox
Replicates parts evenly between your selection however many times you specified (annoyingly it renames them).

I hope this was helpful :^)


This plugin:
TransformDragger.rbxmx (209.6 KB)
It takes a while to get used to, but it’s well worth it.

It’s best not to learn from plugins as making things too advanced can create a lot of lag in the models you create.

I suggest to rely on F3X plugin, it provides efficiency to your projects as you don’t need to hold special keys to interact with objects specifically inside of a specific group.
Building Tools by F3X (Plugin) - Roblox f3x plugin

Also the best way to just do it easier for yourself is by learning Modelling instead, a good way to ensure to not be stuck as a Developer just to Roblox’s source of tools.
Blender is a good application for modelling for free with all possible tool at hand to your disposal.

You can also use Lighting plugins such as; Celestial Body Dragger - Roblox for moving around the sun and moon to put it to your liking and axis.

If you want to include the old Roblox textures, I suggest using Surface Tool - Studs Are Back! - Roblox .
They offer all textures that you can use from the old Roblox days.