Best choice for performant droppers for a tycoon?


So im gunna make a dropper that drops out cupcakes and I was wondering, what is better for the server 200 welded parts (no unions just a bunch of parts welded) or 200 unions moving? Please let me know as im not sure on roblox’s limits etc.


You could use TweenService and not worry about physics calculations. Using Linear creates the illusion of a conveyor constantly moving it


would take a bit of work though. Just interested in finding out if welding or unions is better?


You could try using a particle emitter with a cupcake image for your dropper and then just increase the players money or cupcake count automatically behind the scenes. That would probably be more efficient than welded parts or unions.


again, a bit of work… Want to use welding or unions.


If you want what’s best for the server then don’t spawn parts on the server. Do it locally to save on a lot of networking issues/performance headache.


Meshparts > Unions


I want to know this too but no one is giving an Answer to the question just a bunch of Alternatives, which is fine but can someone Answer his question?


Since nobody is giving a clear answer, I’ll pitch in my thoughts:

I believe using a single union would be better than welded parts IF the union’s collision fidelity is set to Box.

The two largest factors you are looking at are physics calculations and triangle rendering:

If you weld parts together, each individual part has physics acting upon it that contributes to the overall assembly: you essentially have an irregular 3d object. This would be more costly than a single union with box collision fidelity, which changes the hitbox to become the bounding box for the union.

Additionally, a single union has a decent chance of actually reducing the triangle count of the entire “drop” as long as the parts on the union have mathematically perfect positioning. I’ve found that taking the time to calculate exact positions for parts in unions can reduce the triangle count in half: even with particularly simple operations. Otherwise, you will end up with a horribly high triangle count. To avoid this, you should instead set the object up in a 3rd party program (such as Blender) and import it as a MeshPart instead.

Of course, I could be entirely wrong about all of this. A lot of it depends on how your specific object is designed.
Best of luck!