Best coded alternative for replacing .Touched events?

With FireTouchInterest() coming back alive to the scene as exploiters, once again, have the ability to use it, I’m trying to find the best possible way of rolling out .Touched and replacing it with a coded alternative.

I own a competitive group and its main tool relies on the .Touched event to inflict damage.

Are there any workarounds/solutions on how it can be replaced? ANY help is appreciated. :heart:

If your game has melee fighting then an alternative approach to Touched events in a melee system can be an implementation that uses Raycast to help detect hits between weapons and players.

There are a number of existing open-source resources for Raycast Melee weapons on the DevForum, one of them being:

Swordphin123’s Raycast Hitbox

See how this works for you!

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