Best complimentary music sounds & rate this song

I have recently been interested in creating music. I use GarageBand to compose music. I’ve posted a reply here about music composition, and now I am wondering what the best complimentary sounds are.

List of Sounds

Electro Drumkit


Pipe Organ


Performance Patches



EDM Bass
EDM Chord

Vintage B3 Organ
Vintage Clav
Vintage Electric Piano
Vintage Mellotron




Synth Basics
Synth Bass
Synth Bells
Synth Chords
Synth Layers

Please give 2-3 sounds that were listed that compliment each-other and can make a good song theme.

I also created this song and it’s pretty bad. I’ve done some changing:


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In there beginning, the drumkit , makes it sound mixed up and unprofessional. I heard 2 drumming sounds at the same time, might make it one.

4/4 patterns rocks, here’s an example how I actually structure sounds.

I’m contemplating on obtaining Logic Pro X.

Side note: The track above is done for testing purposes of synths and some attempts to understand circle of fifths.

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You see the drums and the synthesizer (I believe) mess the whole song up. The instruments don’t go well together, You kind of just mixed every genre together. Focus on one genre and find out what instruments suit that genre. For examples:
If it was classical music I would use stringed and brass instruments.
If it was Electronic/Dubstep I would use beatbox and a synthesizer.

Just try not to mix more than two genres in one song because they all sound out of place and out of order.

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Music Theory

For music theory, there are three different types of music pitch.

  • Lows, AKA bass, example of instruments: bass, drum kicks
  • Mids, AKA vocals or melody, example of instruments are mixed
  • Highs, AKA treble, example of instruments: cymbals, violins, bells

Breaking Down In Frequency:

Sub-bass - 15H-50Hz
Bass - 50-200Hz
Mid-bass - 200-400Hz
Lower mids - 400-900Hz
Upper mids - 900-4000Hz
Treble - 4000-20000Hz

Key & Time Signature

Before we go in-depth of the entirety of this theory, we have to take a look on key signatures and time signatures. Today’s music is mostly in 4/4 beats. On each beat, a note is played. Count each kick in house music for instance, we find repetition after 4, 8 or 16 beats, anything in the power of 2.

An example of a 5/4 beat is Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five”:

For further reading:

Structuring the Percussion(and the bars)

To structure a proper percussion, remember that there are 4/4 time signature(which is the most common time signature). All music genres has their own unique way of structuring their percussions.

For instance, D’n’B(drum and bass) relies on a small ‘lag’ on their second kick, house music relies on filling 4/4 beats with kick in each beat and hi-hats. These percussions sometimes changes upon progression. Read Chord Progression.

Tones and Chord Progressions – The Probable Help For Your Sound Compliments

To play a proper melody(and pattern), you will need a circle of fifths that reads the relationships between the 12 pitches; also an octave(not always the case, sometimes it extends through two octaves). Following the circle of fifths will create the right feeling for the chords based on key signature. Listen to the melody of songs you know, and see how they are played.

Chords are several notes played in unison. Press C, E and G, you have a C-major chord. Basically three or more keys simultaneously, not two, three or more. Two is called an interval.

Don’t forget that there are major and minor. Both sounds differently, major sounds positive and happy while minor sounds sad and tragic.

For further reading:

The Bass, The Mids, The Treble

Hell yeah, we’re getting in the spicy part. No bass means the tone is relatively empty. In color theory, it’s like painting without red and orange. Bass is usually repetitive and usually the most present frequency in modern music. Remember to follow chord progressions too!

The mids are usually for melodies and vocals. Without mids, we have background music instead. All bass and treble.

Treble’s signature color is blue. Sometimes repetitive, sometimes can play melodies.

Musical Genres

All music has its own genre. EDM is an umbrella genre of many different genres. Make sure you read about the genre you want to compose. Or else it’ll confuse the listeners.

Remember, EQ and tremolo is your best friend if entire track sounds too mixed, along with automation for adjustment during the song.

Side note: Wrote this while tired, correct me if you find any errors.