Best format for 3D models being imported into ROBLOX?


When I import my 3D models into ROBLOX they just look plain bad. They become all curved and smooth and just overall bad quality. I usually export my models from 3DSmax into the .obj format. Does format affect quality?


Some pics of before/after would be nice.


Maybe try putting a texture onto the mesh. Some programs give it their own texture to improve the looks of it in the software, and it may alter what you think of the quality.


Can you provide images of what you’re referring to?

Keep in mind that Roblox calculates faces to best work with the platform. So something with a rotation and pinched middle like this:

Actually comes out straight like this:


It doesn’t matter what file type it is either since it’s the Roblox engine making these changes. The best way to avoid it is to add in geometry that really enforces your shape - like if I really wanted to fix this issue with my object here (I don’t, because it’s a minor asset and has a texture anyways), I would split the object in the center and increase the rotation to not line up with the parallel face on the other end.

You may have to get creative with your geometry to find a solution that works best for you.


Format should not affect quality. However, the amount of faces/triangles can usually affect quality a decent amount, so if you decimate or just have low tri count to begin with, perhaps increase that to make it look smoother, or if you want it to be blockier, do what I said earlier by decimating the model to a point where the shape is still there. I usually go with ~85%.

Or, it may be due to a shading problem within 3DSmax, but I don’t know the program enough to give any real advice, but I know with Blender, the Smooth Shading can give it a weird smooth and curved look, while flat gives edges and faces a more defined look. Perhaps if you can find a setting similar to that, it may help?


I found this image on Google, it may give some more info what I stated with the Smooth shading property.


Best format is ofcourse .fbx, which every game engine today uses.

Now about that other question, try to use Smoothing Groups in 3DSmax so you dont get “curved and smooth” object.

Here’s a tutorial on smoothing groups :


For roblox, the best format is .obj. As another post above suggests, you should try to use edge split if supported in your software. Important with using edge split is to find the angle that fits your mesh


If you are making a texture for the mesh, I recommend .fbx.
If you want to make a showcase, then use .obj.


Since there is no “best format” for inputting 3d models from Blender.