Best gamepasses for a tycoon

I am a very small developer and I want to at least make some revenue not just from cheap shirts. So I was thinking, “What gamepasses could I add?” I thought up of these:

  • 2x Cash: 250 R$
  • 2x Crystals: 350 R$
  • VIP: 250 R$ - Perks: Don’t know yet
  • Auto Collect Cash: 150 R$
  • Dropper gamepasses: price depends - 100-250 R$

So which are the best gamepasses? Also, are these prices good?

  • 2x cash
  • 2x crystals
  • VIP
  • Auto collect cash
  • Dropper gamepasses
  • Other - write in a reply!

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I will pick the top 4 gamepasses. If you picked other and added a gamepass, I will put a new poll in a reply.


I understand you want revenue, but a x2 Gamepass for 500 robux? I feel as if that’s overpriced. Same with the x2 Crystal. The price of the VIP depends on the perks. The Auto Collect Cash looks like one of the only ones with a reasonable price.

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I have edited the prices, are they better now?

The x2 Crystal is still a little overpriced, but other than that, it’s good!

All these game passes are overpriced I highly doubt people would spend 550 R$ For VIP unless this really takes off I suggest bumping everything down substantially for example VIP could be 200-250 and Auto Collect could be 150 just make things cheaper or else people won’t buy it.

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If VIP has good perks then players would definitely buy them. Auto collect Cash is the best idea here, I am sure most of the people will be interested in buying it.


The 4 that were picked were:

  • 2x Cash: 150 :robux_light:
  • 2x Crystals: 250 :robux_light:
  • VIP: 250 :robux_light:
  • Auto Collect Cash: 150 :robux_light:

I came up with two new ones. I just want your feedback. Which one is better? I will add Dropper gamepasses to this new poll. The top 2 will be picked.

  • Limited time droppers
  • 2x EXP
  • Automatically buy area

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The Automatically buy area gamepass is like the dropper gamepasses (there are many of them). You buy an area to collect cocoa (cocoa is needed to make chocolate!)

I personally like the new ones.