Best genre for a group?

Hello, I’ve been wanting to make my own group. I want to make a game similar to those cafe or restaurant games.

What would be the best topic? I want to introduce a new topic based group and game.

If you don’t understand what I mean, i’m on about games like Verde Cafe, Bakiez Bakery, etc.

There are so many topics for a roblox group, all are amazing!

I personally like hotel groups, and they are known to attract the most players - most profits.

Make sure to advertise the group sfter release to ensure it’s active. Make sure to check and see if your hotel’s name has been used before to stop confusion.

Anyways, whatever group your choosing to create, good luck! Have a nice day. :heart:


Hey, thanks for reply. You’ve actually pushed my motivation :). Have a great day.

Roleplay groups they do the best, either do a Hotel or Cafe.

Adding on to @chrxszy, Hotel games earn revenue faster and are generally better in my opinion. For your group you should have the hotel, a training area, an application place and maybe a meeting area. Make sure your group is alive and your staff are good and that they always go to trainings etc.
Make sure to hire good devs because you want your hotel to look good, not bad quality.

Your group needs to be even. I find heaps of games with like 1 staff and about 50 guests. Sometimes they get like 50 staff and no guests. Make sure to not over-hire. This will cause you to have no guests but a lot of staff.

I hope this has helped you and I hope that your game/s go well!

The SCP genre is also highly profitable, you could try dipping your toes in the water there.