Best lighting type for a realistic game?

I want to update my current game but i cant get the proper light source for some neat graphics, i tried different levels of light but it comes out looking average or too bright.

Any ideas on the best light level for fancy graphics?

There isn’t any best lighting for making a realistic build realism comes in different ways as every game and showcase uses lots of variety of lighting settings. Since your building something in a realistic way add effects and realism to enhance the quality, I’ll consider playing around with effects you could insert in and the lighting features and try to find the best one that fits with your game.

You just have to experiment until you set a proper atmosphere.

Try to find the best one that fits with the building or suits your liking. Since your trying to go for a realistic look have you consider tweaking and inserting different lighting effects. (Bloom, Blur, ColorCorrection, SunRays, Color_Shift). And adjust what suits your liking. This thread may be something you should check out:


Thanks For the info! Ill be sure to experiment more.

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