Best method of hit detection for large projectiles?

When it comes to non-hitscan projectiles, if they are a large size what would be the best method of hit detection? .Touch seems as though it would be way too buggy, and if the projectile is large enough raycasting from the corners/center wouldn’t work either (which is also a messy solution anyways). Findinregion3 could possibly work, but seems like a laggy solution.

I still haven’t decided on the movement method for the projectile either, but I figure it would probably just be cframed client side or use a bodymover.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions ^.^

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Probably somewhere between the lines in the topic above. If statement would probably stop the touch function from running the chunk of code.

Depending on your projectile geometry, you could simply approximate the projectile as a rectangle and every character as a point. Then, for every cycle, simply check if a character’s point is inside the rectangle.

If your projectile geometry does not allow you to approximate it as a rectangle, and your desired fidelity requires it, you could create a convex hull of your projectile. Then, every game cycle, perform a transform on all hull points (due to projectile movement), and check if the point is inside the hull.