Best method / practice for applying temporary forces and similar?

Hello there, not sure if this is in the correct category, if so let me know

I am unsure what would be the best way to apply a temporary force. I have seen methods such as using ApplyImpulse, or using Constraint forces though I am not sure and would like to know what would be the most efficient to use. I would like to ask if any of you had an idea on what would be the most practical way of applying forces. Much thanks

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You can manipulate AssemblyLinearVelocity/AssemblyAngularVelocity in any direction to fling things around without needing to add anything.

It’s good for explosions, knockback, throwing things, and other simple things like that.

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Thank you for the information I will be sure to take that into account, I never thought much of using AssemblyLinearVelocity as I thought it wasnt a practical method

Can you tell us how much force should we apply based on the properties of a part so we know how to apply forces efficiently?

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You just have to experiment with it. It all depends on the gravity of your workspace and the density of each object.

I do agree with OP, it’s pretty rudimentary. Unless youre using attachments or something, you can only apply it at the center of the object or part lol


As @pixeldippz said, experimenting and just tweaking values until you are satisfied with the result works best, it will most likely always be different depending on what you are making