Best method to move a sphere

I know there is vector force, tweens and more. However, what is the best method to move a part to my mouses location once i trigger a function? I want the sphere to act as a golfball and bounce off of any object it is aimed at.


You can see these documentations: BasePart, Understanding Assemblies. Or you can simple set the velocity property of the basepart, but thats not recommended because its deprecated, although its easier to learn.

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Definitely not tweens then since they don’t affect physics. Your best bet would be VectorForce or the standard ApplyImpulse


What if I dont want the part to keep going forever, like i want it to have a certain amount of power and after a few seconds it stops rolling?

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Prolly ApplyImpulse then, tho I’m not well versed with the physics engine of Roblox. But it should be smth like this:

local sphere = ...
local targetPosition = ...
local timeTaken = 4

local lookDirection = CFrame.lookAt(sphere.Position, targetPosition).LookVector
local speed = (targetPosition - sphere.Position).Magnitude / timeTaken -- Speed = Distance / Time

local force = speed * lookDirection.Unit * sphere.AssemblyMass
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You can also use :AssemblyLinearVelocity

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Im using linearvelocity now, testing it out. Heres what I got.
The ball moves properly, however it wants to keep going forward, and doesn’t bounce off of the wall like a golfball with real physics would do after being thrown into a wall. How do I make it bounce off of the wall?

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Use ApplyImpulse, simple as that. It is the more performance friendly method for applying force.

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It wont work because its constant you need to make it be applied just once. Or you can use :ApplyImpulse as I said 2 hours ago. (The BasePart documentation)

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Applyimpulse wont work for me and im not sure how to make the part go to the mouse position using applyimpulse.

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Its irritating, I cant figure out why the golfball isn’t moving. There are no errors either.

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Oh for that I suggest doing

local Player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local Mouse = Player:GetMouse()
local MousePos = Mouse.Hit.Position
local GolfBall = -- Path to gold ball
local GolfBallPosition = GolfBall.Position
local Direction = (MousePos-GolfBallPosition).Unit -- Return a direction vector. There is a chance it would go the opposite direction but for that do: (GolfBallPosition-MousePos).Unit
local Speed = 10 -- Your Speed in studs per second.
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