Best method to play ambience on map?

My bad if it’s the wrong category, but i need some help. I made a sound that i’ll use for ambience in my game. There’s different maps, and it’s a round based game. How would i script this sound so it only plays for a specific map? Should i make a block that covers the entire map, and make it play?

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Have multiple sounds stored that play globally, and when a round starts, play a different sound based on the map chosen. Then, when the round ends, stop the sound.

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I would do that, but i do not want people in the lobby to hear the ambience unless they are spectating.

Then you should probably do what you said, where you place a block that plays music on every map and the lobby.


You could perhaps keep the ambient on the map folder/model under the same place on every map and then have the client play it from a local script when they spawn in and stop when they are returned to spawn