Best method to send/update a value from the client to the server?

Let’s say I want to send the client’s Mouse.Y to the server but I need the updated value every heartbeat. While I could just keep sending it via RemoteEvent this seems inefficient. Is there a better way to continuously update a value on the server?

Could you tell us what the specific use case for this is? Like the clientside and serverside scripts, and what you are hoping to accomplish.

What’s the use case? The rate of sending the value over to the server depends upon it.

There isn’t a specific use - I was just giving an example. I’m just asking because I’m wondering if there’s a better method than constantly using remotes.

I want to update the value every heartbeat.

Remotes are the way to go then.

Is there any difference in efficiency between RemoteEvents and RemoteFunctions?

The docs will prolly do a better job of explaining it than me

I couldn’t really find any details on the costs for remotes on the documentation, but I did find this topic with a lot of information on how the Roblox network functions. I believe that RemoteEvents and RemoteFunctions both use the same amount of bandwidth when communicating across the client-server boundary but RemoteFunctions just do that twice. Anyway, I’ll just try to limit excessive use of remotes and I should be good.

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