Best methode to kick player not in your server

So I saw a few posts about it and id like ask what is the best method if I want to ban/kick a player from my game if I’m not on there server

for now, I say you can use datastore and chat service
if there something else you guys recommend if not witch one is best

You can set up a system to ban players whatever server you are in (use datastore methods like OnUpdate (apparently there’s a new messaging service which supersedes OnUpdate))

Some people might go the extra step and setup a discord webhook ban type system so that mods in their server can just type !ban username

if im not rong webhook are only to send mesage to discord you cant send mesage to roblox using them…

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I don’t know how it works as I’ve never done it. But I think you can use http service to get messages

Or you can do option1 and do cross-server using messaging service

It’s called a web server, where someone can setup a web server that’s basically an API that Roblox can connect to in order to get some data from it

There are existing roblox-discord API’s