Best Non-Copy Right Roblox Music Creators!

Today I added a music system to my game and it looks awesome!

But one thing I don’t know is non-copyright Roblox musican or music makers on Roblox.

I only know one. @Monstercat But I was wondring if anyone knows any good one?

I’m pretty sure Monstercat is the only official one, although the Roblox account itself should have some licensed audio uploaded.

Roblox’s uploaded audio:

APM Music. They are a very good one and a majority of Roblox’s uploaded IDs. They came from a deal between ROBLOX and APM. This is from the official Roblox help website below and includes how to use their licensed musics as well as where to find many of them:

As a benefit to our community, Roblox has signed a license agreement with APM Music, one of the world’s leading production music libraries (“APM”). The license provides users with access to hundreds of thousands of music tracks (“Licensed Music”) for use in their games on Roblox.