Best of the helmets I've managed to make so far in my ~2 years of modeling on and off

Here are the best of the helmets I’ve made during my ~2 years modeling on and off. Helmets aren’t my favorite things to model, but practice never killed anyone.

A police helmet I made for a sci-fi group I was in at the time

A heavy arms helmet I made for the same sci-fi group

A stealth raider helmet for a different sci-fi group

A Halo helmet I made for a commission

A sci-fi biker like helmet I made for practice. I noticed up the fact I messed up the shading on the visor after I had already closed Blender

A helmet I made for practice I nicknamed the "Cicada"

I hope everyone likes these helmets as much as I do and gives some good feedback <3


I love the attention to detail.
It’s truly amazing, all around.
I don’t know what else you could
really add to these models.
Keep up the good work! :grin:

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