Best practices for tweening the same properties on many parts


In one project I’m working on, I am frequently using tweens to change the properties of many parts. I was wondering what the best way to increase the performance of these tweens is. I’m already doing the tweens on the client. Parts are rarely unanchored and have CanTouch or CanQuery enabled only on when necessary.

Since most of the tweens change the same property of multiple parts to the same value, I was specifically wondering if merging parts into a handful of unions would be a good idea. However, I’ve heard bad things performance-wise about unions. Also, since many of the parts aren’t even touching, CollisionFidelity would need to be set to PreciseConvexDecomposition.

These aren’t things like tools or other assets that I don’t need to change; these are all parts that I am frequently building with and tweaking. Meshes, therefore, are not an option, since I can’t quickly and easily modify them.

Thanks in advance for any replies. Let me know if you need any additional info.