Best program or app (MAC computer or iPad) to design shirt for Roblox

What’s the best program or app out there to create a Roblox shirt? And how user friendly are they to beginners? Thanks!

  1. Please research your topic before making a post yourself because there already are a few posts on this topic.

  2. Best and easiest to master program is I’m an experienced clothing designer and I wouldn’t move to any other program like illustrator. Most clothing tutorials on YouTube covers so it’d be easier for you to learn.


FYI is the program name. Their website is


Are you on Mac or windows? One app is not compatable for the other.

Well, it depends what type of designer you’re. If you’re looking for something basic and easy to get into, I’d recommend, if you’re looking for a more complicated and something which will require skill, I’d say use something like photoshop. I’m not saying doesn’t require skill, but I think Photoshop has more things to do and harder to get into it.


I use a Mac. Would that be compatible?

Sadly, they don’t plan on porting to MacOS

Well, that stinks. So, if I can’t use is there another app or program that is compatible with Mac? Or even an IPad?

I sort of make shirt designs, but I use I use it quite a bit for everything, such as render designs and logo making. But in my opinion, is the best.

If you want to use it, or you already have it, I suggest adobe photoshop, but I used it once and it was sort of easy. Photoshop is sort of hard if you don’t have any experience with it.

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She can’t use since she doesn’t have a windows pc.

@LandofLee1620 please update the post with the information that you have a Mac so people wouldn’t be suggesting you the same thing over and over.


Oh okay. I don’t have a mac, nor have I ever owned one.

So I wouldn’t be able to suggest anything else.


Doesn’t photoshop cost money though? I’m thinking of something cheap and efficient…

Another program that people use is called GIMP. It is a bit hard when you start off but in a bit of time you can do lots of things with it.


Could I watch YouTube videos and figure GIMP out?

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It does, that’s why I said if you already have it, I would use it, but it does cost money.

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That is true. I completely forgot about GIMP.

I suggest just using the regular editor installed on Mac, which I use. Search up how to make clothes om Mac!

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What editor? I searched for how to make clothes on Mac but got just a bunch of random videos…

When you elect a picture on Mac there are a bunch of tools on the top bar.

I’m sorry. I’m not very savvy with computers…I work best with visuals or a detailed explanation.