Best program(s) to start GFX or Modelling work?

Hello, I am Pep. I am trying to get into GFX/Modelling, and wondering what program(s) are best for doing this.

I assume that Blender and Photoshop are essential to this, but please say if I am wrong.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Hello Admin!

For GFX I’d use Blender! its great free software and can do as good if not better than the paid alternatives, then for editing, I would use what is free or what is a free browser editor rather than downloaded software.


Thank you very much for your response. I will download and learn the ropes :slight_smile:

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Wow. You are epic. I am currently watching a tutorial making a donut and coffee to learn the basics.

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Software depends there isn’t a wrong or best programs to start designing or modelling there are variety of software you could start making models or graphic designing. Blender is a good software to get started because it’s a open source it’ll take time if your wanting to learn the workflow and curve around whatever program you choose to learn in!

I would recommend blender gurus beginner tutorial (donut & mug one) is a great place to start, it’s informative in terms of learning the basic tools, techniques, and workflow of blender. He also goes into more depth and explains a lot you could even take notes.

Keep learning how to use blender as its very useful and free, you could make a bunch of builds or models with blender, however it takes practice and patience to get the hang of that software.

If your willing to learn modelling i would recommend taking a look at this thread, it includes useful information and tips to getting started. (Try taking notes/ writing them down in a notebook so you could use those later down the line).


I agree with using Blender for 3D. Recent versions (2.8+) are very good, imo. Photoshop is the industry gold standard, so no issues with that choice if you want to spend the money. There are some good free alternatives if you don’t want to pay for Photoshop. Inkscape and Paint(dot)Net are particularly good for new artists (my kids picked these up pretty quickly–though my youngest is fond of using Krita with a tablet). I wrote a reply awhile back with some links and such (though there are other good suggestions in the thread).