Best Realistic Lighting Settings

Hello there.
I wanted to get more into building lately. I believe lighting is a big part of the quality of your builds.

I wanted to ask, what is the best lighting setting? I’m looking for the most realistic results.
I tried using SunRays, ColorCorrections etc… But they don’t meet the results I was hoping for.

I’m building a game, its a MILSIM game, it’s a sandy environment.


If you ask that question and think better, there actually doesn’t exist “best lighting setting”.
Any game or showcase can use lots of variations of lighting settings. I don’t know what are you building right now, but try to mix and play around with lighting settings and try to find the “best one for that building”.
For example if you are making a Sci-Fi - Futuristic showcase, search around on internet some Sci-Fi games and try to figure out the lighting in those kind of games.

If there was a “best lighting setting”, everyone would use it.

Thank you for reading.


ShadowMap would be the best lighting for your game.

That won’t always be the case, sometimes other builds looks really good with voxel, other games would look good with shadowmap.

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I’d suggest for you to experiment with multiple lighting settings to find which one you think is the best. If you had a few settings you thought were good you could create another post with pictures of the range of settings you believe are the best and ask for other’s opinions on them and to choose their favourite one.

Yes, but if you want realistic. You can use voxel or shadowmap.