Best scale to build a railway

I would like to build a standard gauge railway/railroad/train game, but I’m not sure how I should start building the railway. Can anyone give any tips on making a railway and what scales to use. And also, what features do you think my game should include?

How long should I build my train coaches?
How wide should I make the track?
How long should I make the platforms?
Should I have sleepers on the tracks?
How big should I build the map?
Any other suggestions for the game?


maybe this can help you

and if you want to make it good add these plugins.


Hmm, going on google and Searching up some real life human-scale comparaisons can help. You can also import a Roblox Rig to visualise the player scale.

The rail width and size can also depend on the Train type.


thank you, this will be very useful for building narrow gauge engines