Best Selling Item Does Not Appear In Best Selling Page

Recently I published the Burrito Avatar Body which has been catching on in sales, however, when I check best selling past day it doesn’t appear anywhere on the marketplace and is only discoverable via search.

It should be appearing above SHRIMP in Marketplace but doesn’t appear at all:

On marketplace sorted for avatar bodies:

This item is demonstrably not appearing on the marketplace as it should be which will have a huge negative impact on its ability to grow popular. If this is a data reporting error it could also affect the amount it shows up in the Recommended area as well.

I suspect this is occurring to all uploads recently, or at least around the beginning of April. I am concerned at how this will negatively impact growth potential in the future if left unaddressed, not to mention the fact that I use best selling sorts as a creator to know what is trending and what is missing in the marketplace.


Thank you for reporting the issue. Our team has investigated and fixed the issue and this should no longer be occurring. Thanks.

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Glad you’re looking into this, but the fix doesn’t appear to be working.

Either the analytics page is wrong, or the marketplace is wrong, but a 17 place difference is a pretty big difference.

For the record, this is my #27th (croc suit) best selling item in analytics, which has half the sales of the Burrito over the past day, and is displayed as #12 on the martketplace.

I’m not sure what’s going on, but something is messed up somewhere.

This continues to be an issue:

best selling in analytics:

best selling page:

Seems especially messed up for avatar bodies.