Best Software for Clothing Design [MAC]


I’m wondering what software is out there, free would be good but a cheap one would be fine. I’ve tried Pinta and Pixlr but none seem to work as well.



I just use paint. net. Its a really good free software.

I kinda use Photoshop but if you cant afford it or not allowed to buy it then get but I like photoshop more because it has cool effects and alot dope stuff.

I been using firealpaca free and easy

I’m not really a graphics designer but some useful tools I’ve used are…

Gimp [Free] [Mac/Windows/Linux]
Gimp is free and open source, there are also plenty of tutorials on how to use gimp since it’s been around for a while now but, there is a small learning curve.

Krita [Free] [Mac/Windows/Linux]
Krita is also free and open source, it’s targeted towards digital painting where as gimp is targeted towards image manipulation.
You can use multiple tools in conjunction with each other, e.g. you may use Krita for the main design of some clothes and Gimp could be used to create transparent/custom templates or manipulate the image (modifying saturation, etc).

Paint .Net [Free] [Windows] (Can be ported to linux)
Paint .net is a great tool from what I’ve heard but, unfortunately it’s not natively available on Mac as far as I know but, I thought I would put this here for any windows users who come across this post.

Inkscape [Free] [Mac/Windows/Linux]
Inkscape is free and open source, it may seem a bit weird that I’m putting it on this list but, inkscape can in fact be used to design clothes/templates even though it’s directed towards vector graphics/illustration

Gravit Designer [Mac/Windows/Linux]
Gravit designer is free but not open source, it has a paid version and a free version, the free version is limited in some ways but, it shouldn’t affect your workflow negatively, Gravit Designer is directed towards vector graphics/illustration but, it can still be used to paint, etc.

In my opinion, Gimp is the best tool on the list, the only con is how intimidating it can be when you first use it.

Either Krita or Paint .Net are second on the list in my opinion, since you’re using a Mac, Krita would be second; in some cases, Krita has better tools than gimp, such as the paint brush, I’d recommend using Krita and Gimp together in this case.
Paint .Net would be second if you were using Windows or possibly Linux due to how easy it is to use compared to Gimp/Photoshop and the features it offers compared to Microsoft Paint.

Gravit Designer and Inkscape are third in my opinion due to the fact that they’re aimed towards vector graphics/illustration.


In the future, there are similar topic to this one already exists on the forums. I recommend doing a quick research before creating a new thread to make sure you aren’t posting a question that has already been made.

Most of the other programs that have been mentioned above have really nice tools and other features. While Gimp and Inkscape are - free alternative to Adobe Illustrator since does not have a Mac alternative. I would recommend searching for software that are available for (MAC). At the moment I would try checking out one of the software your more comfortable with.

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