Best time to advertise and sponsor?

Before you critize me that there are other posts’ mentioning this topic I just want to get clarification because those posts’ are outdated. Anyways, these past few days I’ve been checking the impression rate for both ads and sponsors daily. I’ve noticed that sponsoring on the weekend has higher impressions but advertising on the weekdays have also good impressions. For my game I want to mainly target advertising but also throw in a few robux into sponsoring. My question is when is the best time to advertise and sponsor? I need specific details for the time like is it PST or EST. I’d love to hear what you guys found out what worked out best, thanks for reading :+1:t3:

For those curious, I’m putting 70k into ads and 15k for both phone and tablet sponsor


I would definitely go with weekends, Atleast 10 EST, that’s when most kid’s wake up, it’s also when most kids play, on the weekends.


Many other advertise these same days, did you test your reasoning?


Well I don’t have exact reasoning but since your putting 70k I know that that’s going to be one of the higher bids on the list. One other thing is that people usually reopen/refresh tabs a lot to see what games people are playing, go to different tabs on roblox etc. so your ad is more likely to appear, and if you make it interesting enough, people will click.

EDIT: If you do decide to advertise on weekends, don’t forget to include Friday aswell, but around 5 EST. Since most kids are in school at 10.


Good reasoning but to add on, the rates for advertising are lower (for me at least) on the weekend than weekdays. I will have to think about it.


Weekends - 15k on xbox- sponsor.

Almost impossible not to break even.

Not gonna say exact time, since thats my golden spot :upside_down_face:


For me Xbox sponsoring doesn’t work well, also don’t post if you’re not going to say the time.


Weekends are definitely the most effective, considering a ton of kids play roblox. So while you’re advertising they’ll most likely be in school and on the weekends they’re out of school, which in this case there will be a lot more people playing during the weekends than weekdays. A great time to advertise during the weekend is around 12 AM EST, which is when roblox players are most active.


12:00 PM or AM? Please specify.

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12 AM EST, I’ve corrected my post. Also this reply is quite confusing considering noon is neither a.m. nor p.m. Sorry!


I’d say weekends as most people will be home since they’re out of school. Anywhere from 10 am PST- 12 am EST.
Also I’d recommend that you wait to advertise/sponsor until yiu atleast have a few people playing.
If you don’t have anyone playing, you can go ahead and advertise/sponsor but, don’t spend way too much. I recommend seeing if your game is going well by sponsoring/advertising using a huge amount of robux the first time. If your game does well, then you can increase the amount you pay.


In my experience, the actual days you advertise don’t really matter. You also have to take into account that many other devs have the same mindset and will only advertise on weekends, meaning you are going to have to spend more robux for the same amount of impressions.

On weekends, while site traffic is going to be higher, you are also going to compete with more advertisements. However during weekdays, despite the site traffic being less, you’ll find that the amount of impressions your ads will get overall increases relative to how much you spend. Since ads run for 24 hours you shouldn’t worry about missing a particular timezone either, people are always going to be awake and on the site at every hour.

This is an ad that was run on a FridayAD1
However this is the same ad if I were to run it now (during a weekday)

As you can see the estimated impressions are significantly higher than during prime time weekend. However you should also consider that since estimated impressions are now higher than weekends more people would want to advertise. Other devs may have different experiences to mine and you really don’t have to take my advice, but this is just my observations.

So in reality it really doesn’t matter when you advertise. What your main focus should be on is making good looking, effective ads and having a great game! :slight_smile:


I can direct message you how the ads look like and game icon. I had another person tell me weekdays are better because of the same reason you said.

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I’ve gone with the old school mindset that I’ve been using (to varying degrees of success) since I started running ads almost a decade ago

Personally, I’d wait until really late on a weekday leading to a weekend, like late Thursday night/early Friday morning (between 10 PM EST and 2 AM EST), and run it then. While many kids are gonna be asleep/in school, your ad will be already running by the time they get out of school, and will last until very late Friday or early Saturday, when many kids are staying up late playing video games.

Not sure if it still works the way it did back when I did this regularly between 2011-2016. I’ll still do it now, and usually I get pretty good success out of it.

I’d assume you could do this on weekdays too since your ads would be running by the time kids get out of school, and even if not many kids see it since they’re in school, you’d still get a pretty good amount of international players, as someone mentioned, since there is always people playing at all hours of the day.


Thanks for the advice! Do the appearance of your ad help get a higher CTR? Also I might not be able to do your technique because it will be Thanks Giving that day, but I will try sometime in the future.

Yes, appearance of your ad will certainly get you a higher CTR. You need your ad to get you clicks, without being clickbaity. I used to use that type of ad a lot in 2015 before they banned it.

My suggestion for ads would be maybe do the technique I’ve seen where they put a “code” in the ad that could be used in-game.


Sponsor your game on weekends and make ads on the weekend since kids will play for longer periods of time.

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