Best tools to use to make cool looking uis?


I am trying to make some unique looking ui, specifically i am reffering to the actual images for coins, inventory shop etc,

*example of the kind of visuals i want to achieve

i’d like to try and make it look 3D, what’s the best software for this kind of work?

Thank you for your time

I don’t really use a specific software, I just put a part in roblox and take a screenshot with a green screen, then edit the green part out. It seems to work fine for me.

Just use whatever you think provides the best results

You could draw something in 3D style, do the method @yourcomputerhasdied said, take a photo and edit it, etc. As for programs to do that, I have no clue but as for the methods all of this works depending on the game you are making.

Game UI Tutorial - Make a Game Icon without Painting on Photoshop | Path & Shape - YouTube for those with the same question i found this cool tutorial for photoshop that you can use to make stuff without drawing

You can use blender and photoshop model the item in blender and color the item in blender get a good angle then take a screenshot then in photoshop if you don’t own photoshop use photopea. You don’t have to edit the image in photopea you can use any other software I just recommend photopea or photoshop.

Use Photoshop or illustrator
either works perfectly fine