Best way for sponsoring a game?

Hello! I’m Eco and my game is about to release in the first week of June! It’s a game inspired by ‘PIGGY’ by @MiniToon

I have contact with some pretty famous YouTubers who are ready to promote our game but however, I am still willing to spend a lot of Robux on sponsoring this game so I want to know how much should I spend daily and at what time? I’ve been told by some people have to just slam 20K-60K Robux daily on your game for a week but I don’t have that much to be honest…

I’m willing to spend maybe 70K-80K Robux if I get some good tips or know how to get more concurrent players for my game. There’s a new game inspired by PIGGY which is called GUESTY and is made by @CrimsonForce which is blowing up right now and have thousands of concurrent players!

I see the game’s ads and sponsors daily on the Roblox website and that shows why the game is very famous… To be honest, I can’t spend a lot of robux on the game but I think 80K Robux and a few YouTubers is enough to get it somewhat famous but I want tips or tricks to sponsor my game as it’ll be really helpful for me, thanks! :heart:

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The way I see it, it can be quite risky to spend robux in ads and promotions if the game is not yet profitable.
Start with a few 1-2k ads and sponsor, and check if your ingame sales make up for what you initially spent. If it did not, then you can not expect to get your money back just yet. Tweak and optimize your game’s monetization until you actually make money off those first ads.


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