Best Way of Making 8 Directional Movement Animations?

Hey There! It’s Kaz again.

I’ve been working on a character and am looking for the best way to make 8 Directional movement (wasn’t sure whether this should end up in Scripting or Animations)

I thought of two ways, one was actually making 4 animations on the right, then mirror them on the left, which works, but only if the animations are on point.
Second was Procedural Animation Movement. I can implement it, but the problem is that you can’t really tweak the animations. All you’ll have are feet going tip tap.

Any way to actually make smooth animations, without putting in the effort of 4 flawless animations?

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Okay, i know im like hella late on this but this is what I got.

So basically… i myself tried doing this (and I’m not a scripter) so this was off the tutorials I could find.

The first and easier way to do it is to simply use UserInputService

`local uis = game:GetService(“UserInputService”)

if i.KeyCode == Enum.KeyCode.w then`

and play the animations when the a w s d keys are pressed, The downside of this being that this wouldn’t work on mobile users.

There are also some other people trying to do this so here are some resources I found regarding this!


hello! It’s been a long time! Don’t worry now. My skill level has increased way beyond this. Thanks for trying tho! Makes the post less lonely :slight_smile:

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Yeah dont worry, (accidentally replied with the same thing for some reason) I just got the ability to reply. Wouldve done it far quicker otherwise :smiley:

What you would be interested in would be procedural animations, I.e animations made purely through code.


try to move the player’s upper torso to the direction where their player is headed, and let the player rotate wherever they want.

Hi there, My friend and I have created a new product for this use: Directional Movement + Strafing / Tilting (R6) - Roblox

For the record, this will not work. Once the player opens up the chat while moving and lets go of the keys, the animations will stop playing but the character will continue forward, or whichever direction it was going. I reckon using the humanoid move direction to some extent could work