Best way to come up with original game ideas that really stand out

Hey Developers,

So what is the best way to come up with cool original game idea’s which could hit up on front page? you may use a random game name generator and plan the game from the name chosen, or you may just suddenly think of a random game idea which you feel possible to create. Either way, what would you suggest is your best way of coming up with great ideas for your games, how have you done it in the past?

My best way is to play a lot of games which are not already on Roblox, then think if Roblox would be able to support that sort of game and if it is appropriate, and then I see if the game will be too hard to create or not, as projects can take lots of your time up and you don’t want to start a game that will take you ages, unless you know it will be successful and your not on a tight scheduled.

I hope that post allows others to take the idea’s from others and use it for themselves.


The way I come up with good game Ideas is by first getting lots of motivation / inspiration. This can come from a range of things like looking at other projects all the way to just having a break from roblox. When I have lots of motivation and inspiration before I know it I have long lists of game Ideas coming to me.

From there I choose the game Idea I think I’ll have the most fun making and will do the best/ be the most enjoyable. I often try to make games I’ll have fun making because if I have fun making them I just feel like the quality is better as well.

That’s at least how I come up with my game ideas.

Believe it or not, ideas are the easy part.

Designing and tuning the mechanics to a point where players enjoy playing your game is the hard part.


My own advice would be to develop a game idea based on something that you love: something that inspires or intrigues you. If you have a fascination with history, create a game based on the era that interests you. If you have an avid interest in sport, create a based around the game or the skills that may be employed within that game. If you love reading books about dungeons and dragons, take your inspiration from what you love and build a fantasy-based game.

Spend a moment to reflect on your own personal interests and think about the things that you particularly enjoy. That should provide ample inspiration for ideas that are bound to fascinate and inspire you to produce a game that you will feel a close infinity with. Hopefully, your enthusiasm will then rub off onto all those who visit your game.


They may be easy but finding a game itself is not, this post is specifically for ways in which people can get game ideas quick and easy, not ideas for the game itself. Thanks anyway though.

100% agree with what VineyardVine said. The reason people don’t make a lot of popular fresh games on roblox is because it’s extremely hard to get right. There are proven successful game models, why not just reskin a popular game for proven success?

The most “original” games would probably be from someone completely new to roblox, because they would not be corrupted by the current meta of roblox games.


I normally take inspiration from life - what would be really fun to do if it weren’t for the boring bits?
Shooters are the action and adrenaline of being in a gunfight, without the risk to personal harm.
Tycoons are the accumulation of wealth, without the risk of capital loss.
Jailbreak is a mix of both, without the risk of jail-time.

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Just start brainstorming.

Open a notepad and start writing down all of the ideas you can think of. It doesn’t matter if they’re good or bad, just be sure to jot them down as they come. Think of something you would personally have a fun time playing and that users can spend a lot of time on.

Once you have a large list of ideas good and bad, you can start going through and re-reading them to pick and choose which ones you like the best. Whether that’s just finding the “Needle in the Haystack” idea you’ve been looking for, or by combining 2 or more of your ideas to craft the perfect game idea!