Best way to create a UGC market for a game?


Basically for about a year ive been trying to create something like a “UGC market” where users can publish their builds to a global market where others cau re-use them in their builds.

Take “Catalog outfit creator” as an example. They have something similar to this i believe. You can create outfits and publish them to a global market inside of the game where others can use those outfits.

Now the issue im facing is the datastore limits sigh… Currently ive tried using 1 single datastore as the market where i compress all the data to reduce the size which works. But that will get filled up pretty quickly if theres lets say 1K+ active players publishing their builds to it every min.

Should i just try to keep looking for some kind of algo that can compress data insanely?

If anyone is a bit more experienced in this kind of field itd be VERY appreciated if you could help out :smiley: :grin: