Best Way to Create Fog at the Bottom of a Hole

I’m trying to figure what would be the best way to add “fog” to the bottom of hole.

The hole:

As you can see at the bottom, there is an abrupt switch to pure black. Not very realistic, right? What would be the best way to make the switch in color more gradual? Looking for performance-friendly ideas.


Have you considered using a smoke effect?

I have, but that could become rather performance heavy if a lot of them were put into use.

Add point lights (dim but with range) parented to anchored invisible parts (make them noncollide), and place them every so often down the hole… this will light up the hole at different points and create a gradual change in realistic color/lighting.

Add multiple thin, nearly transparent layers on top of the hole to give it the effect.

Make the transparency higher as you get higher, probably need 6-8 layers.

Side view would look like this:
1 ————————— (0.9 transparency)
2 —————————
3 —————————
4 ————————— (0.2 transparency)
The hole ————————— (0 transparency)

Each line is like the layer. Don’t space them out, make them directly on top of each other.

I’m not sure if this is what I’m looking for. Rather than lighting up the hole, I’m trying to make it darken the deeper it goes.

I thought of this as well, but unfortunately, because of the depth of the hole, they parts would have to be pretty thick for the effect to work. Only problem with that is they look noticeably fake the thicker they are.

Yes so only add a light near the top, it will darken as it gets further away from the light… u need a light to make gradual color change.

I will try to make a place file when i get to computer later.

I’m not sure if this is what you’re talking about. The light does create a gradual change, but there is still that immediate change at the bottom from black to pitch black. It also seems a bit strange, seeing as no light should be emitted from the hole.

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Deep holes go to pitch black…maybe decrease the depth of the hole? I guess i am not understanding your vision, sorry. If it is still too black in middle add another point light further down the hole.

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After some more testing, I found a rather simple solution. I simply put a part at the bottom of the hole that had the same color as the shadowed fabric. This worked good enough and is pretty performant seeing as its only 1 part.

Thank you to everyone who contributed!


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