Best way to create test server

I recently published a game. This game has lots of image assets that I uploaded. Now I want to be able to work on a copied version to work on updates, but images from one game don’t get loaded on other games. Is the best way to work around this by creating a place in the game explorer and updating that? I also have a builder that I would like to give access to the place as well.

You can go to the File tab and click Save As. This creates a .rbxl file copy of the place (if it is already published.) You can overwrite an existing place using the file, or send the file to someone to work on/ look at.

In your case, you can overwrite an existing place with your rbxl copy and put your partner on Team Create for them and you to have access simultaneously.

Will this copied file keep the assets in it? I know about publishing to another game, but the problem is that the image assets are only on the place you uploaded them.

Yes, as long as you are publishing to a game that has access to the assets (aka owned by you), it should load.

Can I see images when testing on this file / place, thats my main issue. The scripts work, but It would be helpful to see the images when testing and not on the actual place. Thanks for the help.

Make sure to mark the post as the solution if it helped you out! And you can preload the images in the settings to see the images in Studio.

File > Settings > Studio > Preload Assets (check the box)