Best way to design games?

How would you start designing your game?

With a sketch of builds?
Things you want in the game like (moving hot-dog or a talking mouse)
Or do you just start out in studio and move a long from there.

I’m lost when it comes to designing, I know what to do but don’t know where to start.

When I start designing my game, I usually have a vague idea or game mechanic I want to play with. I then make a super basic game to playtest it with others and go from there, deciding what makes the game good and what updates would make it better.

My inspirations in the past were parkour, other games, and everyday culture.

You can find inspiration from real life or fiction. Find what you love and run with it.

However, you never know if your game idea is good until you playtest it, so do it QUICK and ROUGH.


Thanks, I will make sure to try it.