Best way to detect nearest edge/face/corner

Hey there! I wanted to create a grappling hook for my game. Since the game is going to be fast paced, it’ll be really hard to click and shoot the grappling hook to the place you want. I want to automate the process pretty much, I saw a tutorial in unity about using `SphereCasts`. I know that those are now available in roblox, but it doesn’t seem like it’s working in the way I’d like.

If for example, I wanted to make a spiderman web swing system, you wouldn’t need to point in the direction of where you wanted to swing from, which might be exaggerated but I believe the same effect would be there.


So you want points set by you instead of the player picking position?

That is not what I said at all…

But I tried to make my own way to do this. It just offsets the direction of the rays based on how many I want and how spread out I want them to be.

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