Best way to diagnose/fix FPS drops within my game?

I’m working on a game, recently I’ve started to notice the game FPS gets really low/bad over time, and I don’t understand what’s causing it, and how I should best find it? I’ve tried to make use of the micro profiler, to the best I understand, yet it doesn’t seem to help. I’ve reduced the number of .Stepped functions I use to one, which is required for the game to work correctly. Though this is one of the biggest bars I see. I have two screenshots;

This is when the game first starts up, 60+ FPS, with slight FPS drops every now and then:

This is a few minutes in, 10-30 FPS, with major FPS drops every so often (< 10 FPS):

I don’t understand how to use this very well, and what I should be looking out for. If someone could explain more in-depth, and maybe point out something I don’t see. I’d also like to point out, there is nothing being added to the game over time. I have also used no toolbox models, everything is made by me. Thank you.

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