Best way to do a UI like this

What would the best way be to do a UI like this?

I have a rough idea, but just looking for suggestions.


Looks like a bunch of layered ImageLabels. One to handle the frames of the UI and another underneath to handle the health/stamina.

The part underneath (the red and yellow) is probably just a colored frame that they set to tween with certain stats. The frames not only are the frame for the UI but also handle the shading on the frames underneath. What i mean by this is the gradient that appears over the red bar (in the image below) is probably part of the frame. I didn’t make this though so don’t take my word 100%, that’s just how i would do it.


If you are asking how to go about making something like that? Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are both good for creating designs like that. There are also some royalty free UI packs out there that you could plug into an image editing software for some more insight.

I kinda responded with more-less how to achieve a UI like that. Hopefully this is what you were looking for.

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