Best way to do clean, appealing indoor lighting?

Hi, I built some fairly large buildings with multiple floors that players can walk through. Now, I want to do indoor lighting since it’s still completely dark inside. My first attempt is using shadowmap lighting, and putting some invisible/intangible bricks in the hallways that contain Pointlights inside.

This lights up most of the hallway, although some of the edges on the ceiling are very dark because the light doesn’t quite reach. More problematic is that a little bit of the lighting always bleeds through the wall and is visible from the other side of the wall.

Just wondering if there are any tricks I’m missing. Thanks!

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Try using Future Lightning to get better control at lightning and avoid light bleeding through walls.


Both future lighting and shadowmap are fine for good interior lighting, just so you know. Anyways, for interior lighting you need to find a pointlight color that contrasts well with the stuff in the interior, usually a yellow-ish orange with a dim brightness goes well with old/classic furniture in a room, its about capturing the theme of the build with lighting. You should try to adjust pointlights differently and also use the other properties and additions like ColorCorrection, Ambience, EnvironmentalDiffuseScale, etc. Then once you feel satisfied, there you go.

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I find that Future lighting is the most agreeable indoors because it does not glare and has the most realistic dispersions of light. It also works the best when it comes to transparent objects and doesn’t typically bleed through walls or cracks.

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ShadowMap doesn’t bleed either unless it’s too bright, just like future.

I guess that means it was too bright when I first did it, although it’s not like I set the brightness any higher than the default so idk. I made the range of the light fairly big so should I maybe make several smaller lights with lower range instead? Or are there problems with that too?


The default is 1, that might be too high sometimes or it might be just right, again, just play around with that. Try to use only a few pointlights but with a generally large range rather than a lot of smaller-range ones. The only difference it would make is that it’s much easier to use a couple large -range ones.