Best way to do spell projectiles

Im having some trouble figuring out what to use for spell projectiles. Im creating this wizard-like game and im basing the mechanics off other games such as Magic Training (or other harry potter based games).

Im unsure how i can create spell projectiles such as theirs and im looking for guidance.

Help would be greatly appriciated, thank you for your time

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I would create two parts (a start part, and an end part) and weld constraint them. These two parts should be a distance away that you want to be equal to the physical length of the spell.
Next, you can create a beam in between the two parts.
Finally, when the player casts a spell, you can clone the parts and set the CFrame of the start part to the tool. Add a linear velocity inside one of the parts to make it move.

I will try to send an example video as soon as I can.


As promised, here is what the effects look like:
start and end parts are visible in this clip:
robloxapp-20220907-2014249.wmv (317.9 KB)
Here is the video with start and end parts transparent:
robloxapp-20220907-2015266.wmv (239.7 KB)

I know the effects themselves aren’t great and the projectile is kind of slow, but this is just for the sake of an example. You can, of course, create better effects yourself.

Here is what the explorer looks like:

The parts are massless, unanchored, and canCollide is false. Make sure the linear velocity is relative to the attachment, not to the world.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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