Best Way to Emit a Single Particle?

I would like to emit a single particle, similar to an explosion instantly on command. Unreal Engine has the option on the particle emitters to make it play once right when it spawns and then stop once it finishes. What is the best way to do a similar thing in ROBLOX Studio? Do I just have to script it to disable/destroy the emitter right when it spawns? I am afraid that this way, low framerates may skip the spawn of the effect if it spawns and destroys the emitter in the same frame. I have attempted to just spawn the particles at a really low rate to make it seem as if it only spawned once but rather than spawning right away, it waits for the full delay before spawning the first particle. What is the best way to go about this? Thanks!

You can emit a custom amount of particles on demand with this function. You can leave the ParticleEmitter disabled and still use this.


Ahhh this looks perfect. Thanks!