Best way to find an investor?

I am about 97% done with my game, I think this game really has a ton of potential and I have worked pretty hard on making it a good quality game.

I have done multiple rounds of testing with over 40 testers and I have taken care of any bugs and glitches so the game runs perfectly.

The only thing I have left is some gamepasses and badges to add and then it’s ready to be released. I think that if I can get my game in front of some investors they will definitely see the potential it has. the issue is I really have no idea how to find some people looking for games to invest in.

I only have 10k robux I could put into ads myself and I don’t think this will be enough. Do you guys have any ideas?

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I would try to find known developers in the community and tell them about your game, this way they may want to invest.

Try the Talent Hub.

I feel like it would be very difficult to get a hold of these big developers