Best way to get into scripting?

I’ve been wondering this for a while now and was just curios on what people would advise doing. I’ve wanted to learn scripting for a while and I’m not sure of the best way to start. I’m fully aware that it’s not an ‘instant click’ and it will take time to learn but I think it’s finally time to learn.

Any advice?

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The way I learned to script was via free models and LOTS of scripting tutorials. I used to dissect free models to try to understand what the scripts did, and I also watched lots of scripting tutorials. The scripting tutorials didn’t really teach me, but over time, as you watch more and more scripting tutorials, you start to learn basic scripting.

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Thank you, I will be sure to try both methods.

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I would highly recommend this for beginners:


Thank you. I’ll take a look now.

Oh, and also be sure to check out and

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First, I’d like to say that nobody can teach you scripting as well as you can teach it to yourself(what I mean by this is make stuff! Make a lot of stuff even if you think you can’t do it. It will be great practice!)

UristMcSparks(yes the same Roblox administrator) made a lot of great scripting tutorials on the Roblox channel and that is how I got into it

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I would suggest a combination of youtube tutorials, reading other peoples scripts and looking though the roblox API documentation. These are the best ways to self learn.
I would also suggest picking a small project to undertake to learn scripting. You should start with something simple and quick to get the basics of scripting and progress onto somethings more complex.

For youtube tutorials I would suggest looking up PeasFactory and AlvinBlox as they offer the best tutorials in my opinion.

I would also suggest browsing the dev forum as there have been many other posts like yours all with more answers and ideas on how to learn scripting.

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Lots of people ask this question, you’d start off by checking out the basics of Lua and then go on to learning the global functions and Roblox API and etc.

This may help.

Dissecting free models is viable but not recommended if you cannot understand the code let alone being new to scripting yourself.

YouTube tutorials may help and it’s all up to you. My best recommendation is to practice scripting and then solving problems with scripting that are possible to you.

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